Writing advice from Jane Smiley

Words“Writing is only one word at a time.”

-Jane Smiley

Is there any better advice for a writer? And even better coming from the talented novelist Jane Smiley.

As writers know all too well, there are no shortcuts. It’s all about sitting yourself down in a chair and pounding out the words. Some days they’ll be awful, and you’ll undo it all and rewrite it all from scratch. Other days, they’ll flow off your fingertips with ease and you’ll bless the little muse sitting on your shoulder.

But either way, you still keep at it day after day. And, as they say in my part of the world piano, piano (slowly, slowly) you’ll get there

one. word. at. a. time.

So writers, take heart to heart this great, writerly advice from Jane Smiley. One word at a time, and we’ll get there (eventually!)

Happy writing to all!

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