Prague, Old Town astronomical clockEvery hour on the hour in Prague’s historical center, Town Hall’s historic, astronomical clock chimes the hour as the crowds below watch.

The astronomical clock, on Prague’s Old Town Square (Staromětske naměsti) stands at the base of the 14th century Town Hall.

The clock itself was constructed in 1410, making it the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the only one still in operation. The clock makers were Mikuláš of Kadaň  and Jan Šindel.

Prague, Old Town astronomical clock
Ever worry you were stuck in a rut? Poor Death has been chiming out the passage of time every hour on the hour for the past 600 years…

A widespread legend, attributed to the wrong clock maker, says that after he constructed the Prague clock, he was rendered blind so that he could never replicate it elsewhere.

So much for appreciation from the boss after completing a job well done…

Even if the legend is only that, still makes a good story.

Every hour, the Apostles ‘walk’ across the clock and Death (depicted by a skeleton) tolls his bell, marking the passage of time.

So next time you’re in Prague, join the scores of tourist who enjoy this short show every hour.

After all, it’s been taking place for the last 600+ years…

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic