Amsterdam seen from the canals

Amsterdam, HollandLast week I wrote about taking a boat tour around Hamburg boat tours.

With all due respect to Hamburg, if there’s ever a city that truly merits a boat tour to understand the lay of the land, it’s Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, HollandI love this Dutch city of canals, and I highly recommend that you enjoy wandering along its canals by foot, and also taking a boat tour to enjoy the same views from the water.

Amsterdam is one of those great cities that’s simply begging to be explored. I love crossing the bridges and walking canal-side as I admire the architecture.

Amsterdam, HollandUnlike Italy, where the goal is to block out all the bright and hot light during the long spring and summer months, in grey Amsterdam, the homes have huge windows to let the light in … so you can’t help but observe all the interiors as you’re walking by. Yes, I’m often nosy when I travel…

Travelling on the boats is fun because you see the city from a  different perspective – and I so enjoyed seeing Amsterdam’s numerous houseboats from so close.

Amsterdam, HollandSo when you visit this charming city, be sure to admire it from a cruise around on a canal boat.

For other tips when you’re in Amsterdam, see my earlier post on taking a day trip to visit the namesake of our New York City neighborhood, Harlem, known in the original version as Haarlem.


  1. ledrakenoir on June 23, 2015 at 10:01 am

    Amsterdam is a very fascinating city – and not forget the Vincent van Gogh museum, never visit this city without visiting Vincent… 😀

    • kimberlysullivan on June 23, 2015 at 10:20 pm

      Ooh, I agree. Love Amsterdam, and its museuems. Yes, love the Van Gogh Museum, too. Adore returning to the Rijksmuseum on each visit. But next time, I need to get to the Hermitage-Amsterdam. Missed it last time! Always good to have an ‘excuse’ to get back…

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