Meandering along the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho, USMy family was looking for a place to stop and stretch our legs on the long drive from Salt Lake City airport to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a holiday out in the western US last summer – and Idaho Falls, Idaho seemed a good place to break from the driving.

This small city in eastern Idaho is along the route to the popular Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks, where we were headed on our trip.

Idaho Falls, Idaho, USWe were there on a warm August day and took a walk along the Snake River, that flows through the center of the city. We wound up following this river all along our drive to Grand Teton. In the park itself, there are lots of dramatic outlooks where you can admire this river.

While we were in I, we decided to have lunch, and found a great steak house, Jaker’s, that also had good kids’ menu steaks. We liked it so much that we stopped on the way back to our Salt Lake flight.

Idaho Falls, Idaho, USWe also had the chance to eat ‘Idaho’s famous potatoes’. My kids got a kick out of the fact that this is the state’s claim to fame, and emblazoned on all Idaho license plates.

But those famous potatoes were appreciated as they and the steak disappeared from their plates. Tummies full, we were energized for the rest of the ride up to Jackson Hole, and the glorious ten days of hiking that awaited us in Grand Teton  and Yellowstone National Parks.

So, if your travels take you through Idaho Falls, Idaho, park the car, enjoy your wander along the picturesque Snake River, and refuel with steak and homegrown potatoes before you tackle the hundreds of trails awaiting you…

Idaho Falls, Idaho, US

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