2012_July_liebster2I don’t know what it is about summer, but the books I read over the summer holidays are always indelibly stamped on my brain.

I can remember long summer holidays as a kid, and the books I read.

I remember being nine, sitting by a lake and reading the terrifying story of ‘Bella’, a possessed doll. It gave me nightmares, but I still couldn’t put down that book. I can remember the feel of the tree bark on my back as I leaned against a tree and read, the smell of fresh roses, the feel of my long, wet hair on my back. Despite shivers down my spine, I raced through page after page, desperate to get to the end.

How do books manage to transport us so perfectly? And why is it- for me, at least- that those summer reads are so much more powerful than others I read during the year.

Are we more relaxed? Farther removed from the daily grind? More open to powerful emotions? More likely to chuck work and abandon ourselves to a good book? Simply in a better mood?

I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I do know I go through books at record speed during the summer months.

Next week, I’ll wrte about some of my favorite reads this summer – but I’d love to hear from you, readers.

Is summertime reading special for you? Do you have fond memories of childhood summertime reading? What are your summertime reading suggestions for us? Any books you haven’t been able to put down this summer?

Happy reading!