Matera Women's Fiction FestivalIt’s that time of year again – time to start planning to attend the annual Matera Women’s Fiction festival, held each September in Matera, in southern Italy.

If you sign up by 30 June 2014, you can sign up at the early-bird rates – this is meant for you Nicola, Grace, Ashlinn, Claire… and Evelyne, if you happen to be in nearby France at that time.

To my Veneto friend, Catherine, who categorically refuses to set foot in beautiful Rome – I’m assuming you’ll be down farther south next September. It wouldn’t be the same without you. And, of course, I hope my Rome writers’ group will make it down again.

If you want to learn more about the Matera festival, take a look at my round-ups of what went on at the 2013 Festival and the 2012 Festival.

And if you need any more incentive, take a look at my links on tourism in Matera and where to sleep in a cave in Matera.

Writers of women’s fiction and women writers of romance, mystery, literary fiction and young adult, be sure to sign up for this year’s event – held 25-28 September 2014.

See you in Matera!