2012_July_liebster2Where I live in central Italy, the 1 May holiday tends to kick off the season for beach-going.

Yes, it’s great to go to feel the soft sand beneath your feet, to breathe the clean, sea air and to feel the repetitive ebb and flow of the waves, but really, the beach is primarily a great excuse for me for lazy weekend days divided between swimming and reading an annual stack of books.

Of course, I read all year, but there’s something about the summer season that brings out the inner kid in me. Remember those long summer holidays as kids when you could spend lazy stretches of time reading? Alas, I no longer have those, but I do my best to replicate the formula in my weekend beach outings.

And you, readers, are you summertime beach readers (even if it’s in your backyard garden)? Do you read more in the summer? What’s on your recommended reading list this summer?

Happy May!