Music notesCall me a Luddite, but I side with the technology-shy on this one, which is probably rather obvious by the fact that I don’t even own an e-reader.

The fantastic Nathan Bransford recently had a blog post on this topic, saying it’s only a matter of time until e-books come with sound effects, and asking the readers of his excellent site to chime in (pun lame, but intended).

For me, reading has always been a relaxing escape – a way to take a break from my hectic, everyday life. I love to lose myself in the pages of a book, to slip fully into the minds of characters I’m reading about, to live in the worlds they inhabit, and hear the sounds they hear.

BUT, I want to do this in my own mind. The most prompting I’ll accept is a great cover photo or cover design, but otherwise, I love to imagine scenes myself. I don’t need annoying interruptions (I have my kids for that). I don’t want to break the flow of my reading to listen to music or special effects, or hear a character interview.

It seems in modern life we have too few of these moments of sustained, quiet concentration, and I’m not willing to let yet another go.

What about you, readers? Will you join me hiding in the library to avoid such a development? Or do you think it could enhance the overall reading experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts.