A bird’s eye view over Barcelona from the Columbus Memorial

2013_December_Barcelona1Las Ramblas is certainly one of the liveliest areas of Barcelona, Spain. I’ve already written about Palau Güell, the first major commission of modernist architect Antoni Gaudí, which is just off the Ramblas.

Once you’ve visited Gaudí’s impressive project, continue down the Ramblas towards the sea, and leave time to take the elevator up to the top of the Christopher Columbus memorial tower. From there, you can enjoy breathtaking views over Barcelona.

The 60-meter/197-foot tall memorial itself was built in 1888, for the 1888 Barcelona International Exposition, the first time the World’s Fair was held in Spain.

Christopher Columbus Memorial, Barcelona, SpainChristopher Columbus reported to Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand V in Barcelona, following  his journey to the New World. BTW, Christopher Columbus’ hometown was Genova, Italy, and his family home is still there. You can see an earlier post I wrote about it .

Work on the memorial began in 1882, and it was completed in time for the opening of the World’s Fair. Almost ninety percent of the construction costs were raised by private donations.

Today you can pay a small fee to take the elevator up to the top and enjoy views from the tiny observation deck. It’s a great way to enjoy a bird’s eye view over the Catalan city, and the sea beyond. Be sure to make time to take in the view from the Columbus Memorial on your next trip to Barcelona.

Christopher Columbus Memorial, Barcelona, SpainChristopher Columbus Memorial, Barcelona, Spain


  1. catherine on December 3, 2013 at 8:09 am

    I used to go to Barcelona for trade fair work and that involved a lot more of a club-view of the city but for one event we were seated in spectator seats around the diving pool built for the Olympics, which looked over the city at dusk. A truly beautiful city to watch over! Gosh I realise it’s December and snow on the ground and I haven’t come to Rome! Too much writing going on!

    • kimberlysullivan on December 3, 2013 at 9:22 am

      It is a beautiful city, isn’t it? Barcelona and Sevilla are my favorite Spanish cities. Well – too much writing is at least a positive reason for not making time for Rome. But we’re still waiting for you!

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