Pen writingI enjoyed British author Sarah Waters’ World War II novel The Night Watch, and I absolutely adored her wonderfully atmospheric, Gothic novel The Little Stranger.

So when I saw this Aerogramme Writers’ Studio post with the author’s useful writing advice – Sarah Waters’ ten rules for writing fiction – I had to see what this talented author could offer to other writers.

Lots of great advice here about what (at least in my case) I know I should be doing, but might not. Tsk, tsk.

The Little Stranger book coverLike Waters, I love to read widely, but when I’m wrapped up in a story, I’m often not looking at the writing with an author’s eye to see ‘how’ the author achieves it.

Her advice on cutting out much of your work is also key, even if I freely admit I’m not so great at following this advice in my own work. I also liked her point on how you should respect all your characters, even the minor ones, and ensure you’ve thought through their motivations and personality traits, even if they have small roles in your book.

So, lots of good advice for writers and readers here. Now if I could only internalize this and use all this great advice myself…