Gran Sasso from Ovindoli, Abruzzo
View of the Gran Sasso

I’m just back from a fantastic week of sun, snow, and ski slopes and I find myself extremely slow to get back into the rhythms of city life and the difficult rite of catching up with dreaded e-mails and deadlines.

I was out in the Italian region of Abruzzo, in a little town called Ovindoli. I’ve already written about skiing in Ovindoli  and spending summers  out there.

It’s a convenient location for Rome get-aways and, in fact, when we’re there we’re always running into people we know from Rome.

View of Ovindoli’s old town

We were lucky with the weather all week. We had lots of snow at the start of the week, so there was plenty of  fresh powder on the slopes and the picture-perfect, white-capped look around town.

But the entire week of skiing, we enjoyed  sunny, blue skies. During the week there are also fewer skiers on the slopes, so we could whip up the gondolas and chairlifts without the lines.

While in Ovindoli, I even managed to get lots of reading and writing done. It’s a pleasure to sit down to read a  book or to work on your manuscript after a day of working your muscles hard on the slopes. I always find my time in the mountains productive times for writing.

OvindoliNow it’s back to real life – days spent in the office, attending meetings, and responding to e-mails.

But in my mind, I’m still out in the fresh mountain air, feeling the snow beneath my skis, trying to catch up with my kids (who seem to be training for the Grand Slalom, and are all set to leave me way behind them) and enjoying the views out to the Gran Sasso.

But now I have to shift gears and return to ‘real life’ in Rome. Hopefully these snow withdrawal symptoms won’t last too long…

Ovindoli, Monte Magnola
Gee, we’d much rather be back in the office/at school…