Ducking in from the heat in the US Botanic Garden

US Botanic Garden/Kimberly Sullivan

The US Botanic Garden has a long history. It was established by US Congress in 1820 – and had been the dream of America’s first President, George Washington. Washington wished to establish a botanic garden that would serve in an educational function – teaching visitors about plants. The Botanic Garden celebrated its bicentennial during our…

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Birds’ eye view of Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas / Kimberly Sullivan

When my younger son and I were in Dallas, Texas on a hot August day last year, we were melting as we explored the city. We decided it would be best to get the lay of the land from up on high – from the (air-conditioned!)  observation tower of  the Dallas Reunion Tower. The 561…

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Hanging out at Ohio’s Buckeye Lake

Last summer, my older son and I took a midwestern driving trip. I already wrote an earlier post about some of the stops we made along the way. It was a scorching hot day when we drove from Wheeling, West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio. Buckeye Lake was just along the road, so we decided to…

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On the shores of Central Park’s Harlem Meer

The Harlem Meer is a picturesque artificial lake at the northeastern corner of Central Park. I enjoy this small lake, lined with benches, in all seasons. This artificial lake was constructed with the creation of Central Park, on what used to be a tidal marsh fed by a creek that led into the Harlem River.…

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More Big 10 Football at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

I can’t write about one pillar of Big 10 Football without writing about its rival. Last week I wrote about Columbus, Ohio’s campus of Ohio State University, tremendously famous for its impressive football team. As luck would have it, its biggest sports rival is just a three hour drive due north in Ann Arbor, Michigan.…

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A mega campus & Big 10 Football at Ohio State University

I’ve already written about my visit this past summer to Ohio’s capital of Columbus. In previous posts I’ve written about German Village, the Scioto Rover walk and the Short North District. Not far beyond Short North lies the sprawling campus of Ohio State University, so we had to stop off to see it, even though…

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