Visiting the world’s oldest republic: San Marino

For those who (like me) love Italy, you may be aware that, within its borders, Italy contains two independent countries. One – the Holy See or Vatican – requires little introduction. The second might be less known. San Marino, or, by its romantic sounding full Italian name Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino, is just under…

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Sono fuori di testaaaaa … editing

To borrow from the (catchy) winning performance by the Italian (Roman, to be precise) band Måneskin at the 2021 Eurovision contest: Sono fuori di testaaa (I’m out of my mind). Mine, however, is not twenty-something existential angst about not being able to adequately express my individuality in a world that constantly pressures me to conform.…

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Dante’s final resting place

Dante Tomb, Ravenna, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

This year, in Italy, and around the world, we’ve been marking 700 years since the death of Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321). Dante is considered the Father of the Italian language and litearture, with his masterpiece The Divine Comedy written in (vulgar) Italian, rather than in (erudite) Latin – thereby ushering in a rich…

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Early morning jogging in Rieti

Rieti, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

In the late spring, my youger son and I spent a weekend in Rieti – a small city in Lazio’s northernmost region. While there, I rose early on Sunday morning to enjoy a short jog in the eerily deserted city. I started off at out hotel, at the top of this medieval hilltown and jogged…

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Restorative hiking in Abruzzo

My weekend escapes to the mountains of Abruzzo are always pleasant. But my most recent weekend jaunt was especially satisfactory. My younger son and I could both (finally) get away from the city, and with the scorching temperatures in Rome, and so the Apennine mountains in nearby Abruzzo was an excellent plan. Even more so…

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Book review: What the Lady Wants

What The Lady Wants book cover

I love historical fiction and have a softspot for America’s Gilded Age, so I was very pleased to discover What the Lady Wants. Not surprisingly, I loved the novel. This is my third Renee Rosen novel, each set in a different period of time. What the Lady Wants opens in 1871, on the eve of…

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Everything’s coming up roses – in Rome

Rose Garden, Rome, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

Rome is always beautiful in the spring and early summer. One the things I love about the season is how colorful the blooming flowers look against the city’s imposing monuments. Nothing beats the city’s beautiful roses when they are in bloom. Each year, I make a visit to the city’s Rose Garden, just off the…

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