My July 2023 reads

July 2023 reads

In July, I had another great month in books. First I traveled back to New York’s Hudson Valley during the 1920s as an ambitious young woman tries to carve out a niche for herself in a society changing rapidly around her. Afterwards, I traveled to a remote location on the moors of northern England, on…

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Hammering my latest dual timeline manuscript into shape

Rome's Last Noble Palace edits

Super excited to be preparing my fifth book, and fourth novel, for publication this autumn. I’ve already had useful feedback from beta readers, and now I have my manuscript back from my editor. I’ll be incorporating these changes before getting it off to my proofreader. I will then review once more before working with my…

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Soaking in the atmosphere in Prague’s cafés

Obecni dum, Prague, Czech Republic/ Kimberly Sullivan

Prague, like so many of Central European cities, has a vibrant café culture. If you’re visiting the Czech capital, you definitely need to set aside some time to visit the storied art deco cafés. A café in which I used to spend a lot of time is Prague’s spectacular Obecní dům. Back then, it was…

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Traces of the past in the Roman countryside

Aqueduct, Tivoli, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

One of the (many) things I love about Italy are the brushes with the past no matter where you go. We came upon the remnants of this Ancient Roman aqueduct in the fields between Tivoli and Castel Madama. Even though you see these all the time, it never fails to put me in a good…

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Real life locations of my short stories

Drink Wine and Be Beautiful, Rome / Kimberly Sullivan

I love anything associated with travel, so it’s not a surprise that a strong sense of place is important to me as a reader and writer. My latest short story collection, “Drink Wine and Be Beautiful”, is largely set in Italy. I thought I would share some of the locations that play a role in…

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Weekend bliss in the mountains of Abruzzo

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

I always love trips out to the mountains, but this year, I was having a tough time managing a weekend mountain escape. But the first weekend of July, I did manage to hop out for a short visit in Italy’s Apennine mountains, and it was glorious. I often go out to Italy’s Abruzzo region, to…

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My June 2023 reads

Another great month of reading. I travelled from an isolated home in a rural corner of Ireland where a killer may or may not be on the loose, to a small Connecticut town where  a recent widow is trying to kickstart her life, and her failing bookstore, as she tries to reclaim her life and…

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One night in Tolentino, Marche

Tolentino, Marche, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

It wouldn’t be summer for me without a healthy does of Track Tourism… Yes, it’s true I’m driving my son all over the Italian peninssula for his track races. But it’s Italy, so I’m always discovering new (beautiful) places. The latest discovery for me was the inland town in Italy’s Marche region – Tolentino. Almost…

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