Indies Today Award for my Drink Wine and Be Beautiful and Rome’s Last Noble Palace

I received some excellent news earlier this month.

BOTH of my 2023 releases were named Finalists in the Indies Today Book Awards.

It’s always an honor to receive awards, and I’m pleased that my short story collection, Drink Wine and Be Beautiful, has now garnered its fourth award since its release.

And for my dual timeline novel (contemporary/historical) novel, Rome’s Last Noble Palace, this is my second book award.

Although I don’t write for awards, they are certainly nice to have! Very pleased to have both of my releases recognized.

Indie Awards

Here you can find brief blurbs for my (Award winning!) 2023 releases:

Rome’s Last Noble Palace

Two women. Two different centuries. One attic room

Isabelle has been shipped off from America to Rome to live with her aunt, Princess Brancaccio, and be married off to a European nobleman. But Rome in 1896 is on the cusp of a new century and Isabelle longs for more than a titled husband. Over a century later, Sophie can’t believe her good fortune interning in a Roman museum, complete with an attic apartment in the spectacular Palazzo Brancaccio. The idyll is shattered by a disturbing nighttime presence in the deserted hallways of the grand palace – one no one else can sense.


Drink Wine and Be Beautiful : Short Stories

Italian Tales of love, betrayal, longing, desire – and hope

Italy serves as the backdrop for stories of Italian women and expatriate women living in Italy.The twenty-one stories in this collection follow women’s lives as they confront betrayal and love, alienation and community, despair and-ultimately-hope.


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