Launch day for Rome’s Last Noble Palace!

So very excited! It’s finally here – not just St Nicholas’ day, but also launch day for my latest novel, Rome’s Last Noble Palace.

I so loved bringing this dual time line story set in modern-day and 1890s Rome to life, and I hope you’ll enjoy the intertwined stories of Sophie and Isabelle.

I have an Instagram tour running with Kate Rock Tours and a blog tour with Xpresso Tours – thanks to all the book reviewers and tour hosts .. and hope you’ll be following along!

And since it is Saint Nicholas’ Day, I’m giving you a holiday treat so that you’ll take a chance on my story. For launch day and the first three weeks, my story is just 99 cents / 99 pence / 99 euro cents and equivalent currencies.

Rome's Last Noble Palace


Very much hoping you’ll enjoy my ghostly dual timeline novel!

Here’s what the critics are saying:

“Sullivan is an experienced historical novelist, and in this novel she displays a great love of Italy, which she clearly knows well: her sense of place is meticulous throughout. … The blending of the two well-paced stories is gracefully managed, as is the idea that social change is inevitable—even in 1896.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Libraries and readers interested in novels replete with vivid insights  on art, women’s lives, and historical currents of change that move through Roman affairs will find delightfully realistic amd compelling Rome’s Last Noble Palace‘s study of two seemingly disparate, yet connected women whose lives dovetail in unexpected ways.”

-Midwest Book Review

“Come for the haunting story and stay for a whirlwind tour of Rome from both a modern and historical perspective in this dual-timeline novel. Like a canvas painted on two sides, the accounts of each of these independent women help complete the colorful impressions of their alternatingly tortured lives. A ghostly element underpins the story, adding suspense and release at just the right moments. Dramatically elegant and just a little bit eerie, this is a delicate treat infused with glittering Roman sunshine.”

-Indies Today, Recommended Five-Star Review

“A thrilling tale set in two different centuries. The dialogue is witty and sharp, and the characters are incredibly likeable and well-developed, especially the two main female characters. The story will send shivers down your spine as the truth is uncovered, and you’ll be hooked from start to finish. A thoroughly enjoyable story by a highly recommended author.

-Readers’ Favorite, Five-Star Review

“A dramatic thrill for lovers of period dramas and supernatural tales alike. An ornate Roman palazzo with at least one century of secrets lies at the heart of this ghostly and lavishly detailed read, which artfully explores feminine expectations, the nuances of desire, and the long life of grief. As the mirrored lives of two dauntless women unfold in the late nineteenth century and the present day, readers are effortlessly transported to the linguistic, cultural, and aesthetic maze of Rome in all its historic glory, for an elegant blend of genres that culminates in a truly satisfying denouement.”

-Self-Publishing Review

“Sullivan has achieved a winner with the historical fiction account combined with a haunting tale in Rome’s Last Noble Palace. Readers will be drawn into the book by the amazing setting of Rome, while the eerie and thrilling ghost story will ensure that they remain transfixed until the last page.”

-Feathered Quill

“A masterfully written book that skillfully combines supernatural and mystery aspects of historical fiction. It’s evidence of Sullivan’s storytelling prowess and her capacity to develop interesting, complex characters. The tale explores the human soul and its ageless search for identity and purpose in addition to taking readers through the corridors of a Roman palace.”

-The Historical Fiction Company,  Five-Star, Highly Recommended

“This is a story of love, friendship, and strength, [that] would appeal to a wide audience that loves historical, paranormal, or women’s fiction. An intriguing tale of two exceptional women, separated by a century, but connected by common relationships and traumas.”

-Sublime Book Reviews

“The author has crafted a story that, while traversing through time, captures the essence of Rome and the perennial human struggle for self-determination.”

-Literary Titan

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