New Five-Star editorial review for Rome’s Last Noble Palace from Readers’ Favorite

Excited to get another editorial review for my new novel, Rome’s Last Noble Palace, which will be released 6 December.

What a treat to have received a Five-Star review from Readers’ Favorite Reviews.

You can see the full review here below:
Readers' Favorite review of Rome's Last Noble Palace

Rome’s Last Noble Palace by Kimberly Sullivan is a compelling tale of two women, centuries apart.

In 1896, Isabelle Field was sent to live with her aunt, Princess Elizabeth, in Rome. Elizabeth shares one goal with Isabelle’s mother – to get Isabelle married off. Isabelle has no interest in that, though. She wants to open a fashion atelier, but she needs to find the courage to go against what her family expects.

More than 100 years later, Sophie Nouri wins a doctoral intern place in the Near Eastern Art Museum in Rome. The position comes with a room in the Palazzo Brancaccio, an attic room, no less. While her job causes no end of stress, Sophie struggles to understand a strange presence in the palace hallways at night but she’s the only one who senses it. It’s almost like the presence is trying to warn Sophie of something, but what?
Rome’s Last Noble Palace by Kimberly Sullivan is a thrilling tale set in two different centuries. The story starts in the present, and each chapter switches between the past and present. As the story rolls on, you begin to learn what really happened in 1896 and how it affects the second protagonist in the current century.

This was an exciting read, well-written, with plenty of action to keep you hooked. The dialogue is witty and sharp, and the characters are incredibly likable and well-developed, especially the two main female characters.

The story will send shivers down your spine as the truth is uncovered, and you’ll be hooked from start to finish. A thoroughly enjoyable story by a highly recommended author.

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