Happy Launch Day for Drink Wine and Be Beautiful!

Launch Day is today!

SO excited to launch my newest publication – and my first short story collection, Drink Wine and Be Beautiful.

I have long loved writing short stories and am especially pleased to be releasing this first collection – stories of Italian women and expatriate women living in Italy.

To celebrate my launch, I’ll be taking part in a Kate Rock Instagram Book Tour and an Xpresso Book Blog blitz – please join along! I’m hoping you’ll want to explore my Italy-themed collection. To provide a little incentive, I’m putting my collection on sale for 99 cents/99 pence/99 euro cents for the first three weeks of the launch.

Drink Wine and Be Beautiful

Italian Tales of love, betrayal, longing, desire – and hope

Italy serves as the backdrop for stories of Italian women and expatriate women living in Italy.

A freak snowstorm in Rome changes the travel plans of two women, touching their lives in ways they could never have imagined. An ambitious Italian professional working in Brussels rails inwardly at her privileged boss, until fate presents her with a rare opportunity. A long desired trip to Bali, Indonesia serves as a needed chance for introspection. A cautious housewife in Rome thinks back to a fateful missed connection in Florence. A first-time mother feels debilitating guilt for not bonding with her newborn, until an elderly neighbor provides her with a new perspective.

The twenty-one stories in this collection follow women’s lives as they confront betrayal and love, alienation and community, despair and-ultimately-hope.


Here’s what they’re saying:

“This is a strong body of work, and the author is unafraid to experiment, as the stories range from slices of life to near fairy tales. Sullivan’s own adventures abroad and knowledge of history provide solid grounding for her narratives. A searching collection of tales about women’s quests for self-realization.” Kirkus Reviews

“The short stories in Drink Wine and Be Beautiful are delicate renderings of Italian people and culture that capture succinct moments in time and the Italian psyche. Each piece captures a piece of Italian culture and its heart, presenting emotional works of romance and quiet contemplation which analyze the pathways of love and relationships.” -Midwest Book Reviews

“Twenty-one fascinating slice-of-life stories fill up the pages of this captivating collection. Set in different cities of cultural and historical significance. Drink Wine and Be Beautiful contains stories about women from diverse backgrounds and stages in navigating love, betrayal, loneliness, success and much more. Each short story in this enthralling collection is unique and brings something different to the narrative. There is a relatable quality to the protagonists of these stories that make them feel like real people. Their flaws, conflicts and struggles shape their personalities in distinct ways. Sullivan has a way with words and brings emotions and complex relationship dynamics to the pages in a seamless fashion. Highly recommended.” -Readers’ Favorite Review

“Kimberly Sullivan impresses again, with a collection of stories displaying emotional sophistication and surprise. This is a collection that contains sharp and tender observations of the complexities of being human. This is a wonderful read for those who love a book that guides the imagination to foreign destinations with a feeling of being home anywhere in the world. Drink Wine and Be Beautiful masterfully delivers emotional complexity in settings rich with equal parts romance and melancholy.” -Feathered Quill Review

“Offering a compelling range of emotionally charged narratives, Drink Wine and Be Beautiful by Kimberly Sullivan is a brilliant collection of short stories with an Italian backdrop. The Italian women and ex-pats who find their lives intricately and sometimes painfully tied to Italy are each unique and complex: strong-headed women, vulnerable wives, pained mothers, and women who have run away but have mustered the courage to return. Each one of Sullivan’s characters and personal stories are richly drawn with Sullivan’s vibrant and nuanced prose, for a collection that brings to life the splendor of Italy, while vividly exploring the inner lives of modern women.”-Self-Publishing Review

“A bustling, contemporary collection of vibrant fiction. A truly European treat, this collection feels like a vacation that can be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes.” -Indies Today

“This is a collection of striking short stories that will hit home with virtually any reader. Sullivan is adept at colorful descriptions, heartfelt dialogue, and reaching out to readers via memorable characters. Sullivan will, without a doubt, garner a sizeable following from her work.” -Literary Titan

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