Trying to practice monogamy … in my writing!

Had you there, didn’t I?

But I’m definitely speaking about writing. I always jump from project to project, so I decided to go ahead and try something new. Actually sticking with one project start to finish without looking around for the new, shiny object – and setting a timeframe for completing it.

Although I do write fairly quickly, I tend to jump around from one project to the next, throwing in a couple of short stories for good measure. So this time, I decided to mix things up a bit by …. um… trying to be normal.

Three Coins / Kimberly Sullivan

I’m keeping track of my (almost) daily writing and have a timeline to finish this latest project, which is also my second novel in what will become a series.

I never really thought I wanted to write a series, but, like my earlier thought that I had no interest in becoming an indie author, I’ve gone and changed my mind.

Instead of admitting I am fickle, I prefer to align myself with Walt Whitman’s famous lines from Leaves of Grass “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multutudes.)”

I enjoyed writing my debut novel, Three Coins, and I decided I’d like to discover what happens to Emma and Mark’s hotel venture in Italy’s Umbria region. I’ve aso decided it’s a great way to draw in multiple characters who stay at the hotel, and I enjoy these multi-PoV stories.

Can’t complain so far. The writing is going well and it’s fun to bring back old characters a few years down the line, while creating entirely new characters ready to have their lives changed during their upcoming Italian holidays.

Here’s to writing monogamy! I’ll keep you updated on progress…

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