Happy 2023! Wishing you a travel-filled year

Happy 2023!

Hoping you’re facing a new year with plenty of travel – whether it be to new countries, or exploring new regions in your immediate surroundings.

Travel does the soul good.

Like many, I’m pretty angered by what we went through during these almost three (wasted) years of Covid hysteria, when it became almost impossible to travel. Or the made up rules became so complex to render travel almost impossible.

Last year at this time, just as the rest of Europe was starting to open up, Italy jumped off another cliff of insanity, with green passes to enter anywhere, boosters every six months, constant Covid tests, changing rules and public shaming of its citizens. So yes, I was thrilled to see that regime go and a return to normal life.

We needed it.

Bruges, Belgium / Kimberly SullivanSo many of the special times I spent with my family were spent on trips to new places.

Travel allows us to grow and learn, and to spark our inner creativity.

The goons at the World Economic Forum who travel around the world in their private jets while instructing the pesky peasants to stay confined in their “15-minute cities” or to explore the world via virtual reality from the “comfort” of their living room couches can, frankly, stuff it.


Bali, Indonesia/ Kimberly SullivanThe world is a big, beautiful place – and it’s time we refuse attempts to strong-arm us into making our world smaller, and instead got back out there to explore it. Rejecting insanity one trip at a time.

A very happy 2023 in travel for all!

Monument Valley, Utah/ Kimberly Sullivan


Portofino, Liguria, Italy / Kimberly SullivanMaldives / Kimberly Sullivan

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