Book Review: The Switch

I read this book largely in one day, on the beach between swims. It’s a fast paced, fun tale about an identity swap between grandmother and granddaughter.

Leena is a twenty-something management consultant/workaholic living in London. Her job is her life and she’s used to dazzling clients and being the It-girl of her consultng firm. Although she doesn’t have much time for him, her handsome boyfriend gets scheduled in at regular intervals around work commitments.

But Leena hasn’t really gotten over the death of her beloved younger sister, taken too soon by cancer. It’s strained her life and her relationship with her mom.

When the pressure finally hits her, it comes down like a ton of bricks, and time away from work is the only way to regain her footing – and her life.

Seventy-nine year old Eileen and twenty-something Leena learn it’s never too late (or too early) to shake up your life.


Eileen, Leena’s grandmother, is an active – almost – octagenarian. She’s the glue that helps hold her Yorkshire village together. But when her husband walks out on her with a younger lover, Eileeen finds herself an elderly divorcée, and she fixates on het youthful dream to take London by storm and live a life of adventure.

Is seventy-nine too old to kickstart your life?

Leena and Eileen decide to swap their lives, with Leena immersing herself in village life and Eileen adopting twenty-something flatmates and tackling the world of online dating.

What emerges is a fun comedy, filled with revelations and a sense of self-discovery for both women.

It’s never too late (or too early) to shake up your life. I enjoyed following the lives of Leena and Eileen and was happy to tear through this fast-paced and enjoyable read.

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