Enjoying a piadina on Ravenna’s picturesque Piazza del popolo

Okay, so not only do you live and learn, but you travel and learn.

I’ve eaten the Italian piadina many times, but I never realized it was a specialty of Emilia Romagna, and particularly the Romagna region – from the area of Ravenna, Rimini, Forlì.

But now I know.

A piadina is a type of sandwich made with an Italian flatbread. The thin bread is made with white flour, olive oil, salt and water and cooked on a flat pan.

Ravenna, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

Fillings can be anything you want. Since it was hot, I preferred the cooler summer version of rucola with a type of cream cheese, but my husband and son went for the heavier and more filling versions: sausage, and prosciutto and cheese.

If you are in the region, you will see them everywhere.

So, when in Rome … or, in this case, Ravenna, makes sense to eat like a local.

Ravenna, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

We chose a panoramic spot on Ravenna’s picturesque Piazza del popolo and enjoyed our piadine on this gorgeous square while people watching.

A nice way to start off our weekend in this pretty corner of Italy.

Enjoy your piadina the next time you’re in Ravenna.

Ravenna, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

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