900 posts!

I started this blog dedicated to travel, writing and reading – with a generous dash of all things Italy-related – back in 2012, and I’ve been at it ever since.

Like all bloggers, it’s great to celebrate some milestones.

So, I’m pleased to announce I’ve just reached (gulp!) 900 posts!

No one is more surprised by this milestone than I am.

Not sure I am any wiser 900 posts into this blogging experience, but I’ve certainly have had lots of fun musing about travel, reading and writing.

I enjoy sharing travel tips of places where I have been and loved. I took a brief hiatus during COVID, since it seemed insensitive to be writing about travel when none of us could do it, but I quickly returned. I look forward to returning to normal life – and travel – once again.

Not a “New Normal”. Not the mindless “Build Back Better” mantra being imposed on us, but the travel many of us enjoyed where we explored new places, met new people, and opened our minds to new ideas. I am grateful those days are returning and I hope to never again live in a lockdown state.

One of the other aspects I love from my blogging experience is sharing my writing journey and reviewing the books I’ve loved or speaking with authors about their writing journeys.

Along the way, I’ve also met so many fellow writers, travelers, readers and fellow bloggers. They have made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

This has been an exciting ride for my first 900 posts, and looking to having as much fun for the next 900!

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