Next Tuesday is #Womensfictionday!

If you are a reader or writer of Women’s Fiction, I think you will join me in my excitement for #Womensfictionday next week – 8 June, to be precise.

This is a day led by the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), but all interested readers and writers are asked to promote the day and maybe give a shout out to some of your favorite women’s fiction novels or novelists.

Not sure how to define Women’s Fiction? The WFWA defines it like this: “Our stories may include romance, or they may not. They can be contemporary or historical and have magical, mystery, thriller, or other elements. Whereas the driving force of a romance novel is a love story, a mystery’s is the exposure of an event, a thriller’s is a fear-inducing chase or escape, etc., the driving force of women’s fiction is the protagonist’s journey toward a more fulfilled self. “

As you can see, that’s a pretty big umbrella. And by the way, if some of you are wondering, men can write women’s fiction, too.

So for all of you who – like me – enjoy reading and writing women’s fiction, be sure to help promote it on the day. And if there are any women’s fiction writers out there looking to join a great association dedicated to the craft – take a look at the WFWA website.

Happy #Womensfictionday to all – and hope you’ll start the festivities early by squeezing in some great WF reading over the weekend!

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