Beach reading season 2021 officially begins (at least for me)!

Sometimes you have to celebrate the small pleasures in life.

This past year has certainly taught us as much.

I have always taken pleasure in the first day of spring in which I venture out to the beach, armed with the latest novel I’m reading.

Staking out my spot in the sand never gets old. Nor does feeling the warmth of the sun or enjoying the crashing sound of the waves or the smell of the salty sea air.

And, of course, the cherry on top is cracking open the pages of the latest novel I’m reading, thereby heralding in the official start of (my) beach reading season.

Sperlonga, beach reading/ Kimberly Sullivan

This year, my youngest son and I took advantage of the spectacular weather on Mother’s Day to venture down to our favorite seaside town, Sperlonga.

We had a great time together and I also squeezed in some quality beach reading time, while he – far braver than me – dove into those cool Mediterranean waves. Blessed youth. I’ll wait another few weeks for my first dip into (by then, warmer) waves.

Nevertheless, my first beach read is an important milestone to celebrate – wishing all of us a well-deserved entrée into beach reading season after another tough year.

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