When the going gets tough … in 2020

This certainly isn’t the year anyone signed up for – certainly not what I was expecting back when I was ringing in the new roaring 20s watching fireworks this past New Year’s Eve.

In my last post, I wrote about a midwestern trip I took this summer, and some of the places I saw. You can see my post here.

University of West Virginia/ Kimberly Sullivan

In Morgantown, West Virginia, I took a walk around the University of West Virginia campus. I admit to not having known anything about this university prior to my visit, but I was pleased to learn it was such a pretty, picturesque campus.

UWV has an extremey strong sports program (and especialy football), and they are know as the Mountaineers.

So I got a smile when I saw this huge sign gracing campus and welcoming back students.

2020 has been tough. Glad to know UWV students are even tougher.

Thanks UWV. We can certainly all use a little of that Mountaineer enthusiasm (and fortitude) right about now…

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