Beach reading 2020

As everyone in the world has certainly realized during the first months of 2020, this is not a normal year …

Usually I scramble for a free Saturday or Sunday in March to hit the beach, and to enjoy the annual tradition of cracking open a paperback while I breathe in the fresh, sea air and listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

My first beach reading session of the season has become an annual tradition for me, one for which my kids usually join me.

But this March played havoc on normal habits and traditions.

So my first beach reading session came later this year – but at least it came! – on the first day of summer.

My sons joined me for a lovely day in Sperlonga, one of our favorite beach retreats.

We spent a lovely day wandering around the windy streets of the medieval town perched high above the Mediterranean Sea, swam in its waves, and yes, finally, managed that first beach reading of the season…

Happy beach reading to all – this year more than ever.

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