Happy first day of spring! Celebrating with beach reading. Or not

The sun is growing warmer, the birds filling the morning air with their chirping, and the flowers are beginning to bloom.

It’s all gearing up to be a beautiful spring season.

What I usually do at this time of year is grab my kids and make our first beach outing, usually going for a day to the pretty beachside town of Sperlonga.

My sons are more likely to have a soccer ball, but I come armed with a book and enjoy my fantastic ritual of cracking that spine on a beach towel, reading as the sun warms me and the smell of fresh, salt air fills my lungs.

Beach reading memories from springs past.

Since today is the first day of spring, logic has it that I should be headed off on my annual pilgrimage.

And yet, I am stuck inside, gazing out longingly at the tempting spring weather.

Such is our fate in the age of Corona virus, when our mantra is #Iorestoacasa.

It’s heartening to see how Italy is taking this “I’m staying at home” policy so seriously as a way to slow the spread. Rome has been silent for a week and a half as people make due and stay at home. We’re hoping to see infection rates go down soon.

I am an optimist at heart, however, and hoping I can embark on my first beach read of the season in the not too distant future.

For now, a quick trip up to my condo terrace will have to do. Happy spring to everyone!

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