The kindness of strangers

It’s not only Blanche DuBois who depends on the kindness of strangers …

Although, to be fair, most of us are pleased with the more innocent variety.

On holidays in New York, I quickly slip into a pattern of morning jogs in Central Park. This is always enjoyable, and never fails to start my days off right, with only one real downside.

My starting point in the park is in the North Woods, where I initiate my jog with hills I swear are growing bigger each year (at least, that’s what I tell my son who breezes up the slopes with ease on his young legs.)

One hot morning, as I was inwardly cursing the frustrating battle with my own personal Mount Everest, I came upon this chalked message some kind soul left on a steep segment of the slope to inspire suffering joggers like me.

Written in bright, pink chalk and emphasized with a heart, the succinct message read: “You got this.”

Simple, but effective. And extremely kind.

This anonymous message made me smile, and provided me with an extra burst of energy that was sorely needed to continue on the rest of the pleasant jog that awaited me beyond the hills.

Thank you to the anonymous NY chalker for that much needed motivation! That morning I truly depended on the kindness of strangers…

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