Guayaquil’s modern Santa Ana Port

I’ve already written about my early morning jogs when I was staying in Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil. I would pass along the Malecon, up the (killer) stairs to the panoramic lighthouse and through the picturesque, colonial Las Peñas neighborhood.

Santa Ana Port, Guayaquil, Ecuador/ Kimberly Sullivan

On these jogs, I would also loop my way through the modern Santa Ana Port. This complex of modern office buildings, apartments, restaurants and bars was built between 2005 and 2007 by a firm of American architects. It has an enviable position alongside the wide and impressive Guayas River, and nestled alongside the colorful Las Peñas neighborhood.

Its wide boardwalk was a great place to jog before the city began to stir. There were quite a few security guards along this route, and early morning dog walkers and fellow joggers.

Santa Ana Port, Guayaquil, Ecuador/ Kimberly Sullivan

I enjoyed the sleek lines of the new constructions and the views over the quickly-moving Guayas. When I panted my way up to the lighthouse, I also enjoyed the views over the terraces of those modern buildings/ apartment complexes. They included rooftop pools and jacuzzis … so great to see my dream apartments, should I ever move to Guayaquil. : )

I returned to this neighborhood in the evening hours, when it is much livelier. It’s a great place to eat outside, to have a drink with friends and to enjoy those spectacular evening breezes coming off the Guayas River.

Don’t miss out on the Santa Ana Port area when you’re next in Guayaquil.

Santa Ana Port, Guayaquil, Ecuador/ Kimberly Sullivan
Santa Ana Port, Guayaquil, Ecuador/ Kimberly Sullivan

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