Writing as a way to free your mind

“A writer should be able to express himself easily, naturally, copiously in a form that frees his mind.”

—Saul Bellow

Wise words by Canadian-American author Saul Bellow (1915-2005), and I’m certain a concept with which most writers are familiar. As writers, how many times do we struggle with a story we’ve had simmering away in our brains? And isn’t this sense of relief real as we get those ideas safely onto the page and out of our (overcluttered) minds?

Perhaps the ease with which we write so copiously will still require many, many rewrites before it resembles something anyone else would actually want to read. But that sense of accomplishment is still poignant when that story first journeys from the mind to the page.

After all, that mind must be cleared for the next story idea to take hold and to torture its host until it, too, can one day be released on the page…

And so it goes. Here’s to decluttering your mind, fellow writers…

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