Luckily no more bulls on Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

On a recent trip to Madrid, we enjoyed clear winter days – perfect walking weather to explore Spain’s capital … and explore the city by foot, we did!

Our walks, of course, often led us back to Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. The pedestrianized square is stunning – even more so with a lively Christmas market set up on the square.

The square dates back to the 15th century, but various fires necessitated restructurings. The current architecture was created by Juan Villanueva following the fire of 1790.

The square measures 129 meters (423 feet) by 94 m (308 ft). There are an impressive 237 balconies – if you’re accompanied by kids, you can set them to counting…

Some of the past uses of this square have included executions and bullfighting. Luckily, things are much calmer for today’s visitors.

Madrid is a city filled with statues of men on horses. The one you’ll see here is King Philip III.

No matter what time of year you’re in Madrid, don’t miss out on a walk around the city’s stunning Plaza Mayor.

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