Sella ronda – a 42 km ski loop in the Dolomites

Sella ronda, DolomitesEver since I returned from my ski holiday I’ve been waxing poetic about these beautiful mountains in northern Italy.

I’ve already written about skiing in the Dolomites and the base we loved in Selva di Val Gardena.

This week I’m going to write about a trail – the Sella ronda, that will get you to many different ski areas during your skiing holidays.

Sella ronda, DolomitesThe Dolomiti Super Ski Pass (expensive, but worth it) allows you access to 1,200 kilometers of trails across many regional ski resorts. The Sella ronda is the way you can get to many of these ski resorts.

From our base in Selva we could easily connect to the Sella ronda, and we wound up skiing its length in one direction or another most days during our week. The Sella ronda is a 42-kilometer loop, running in two directions (clockwise and counterclockwise). The trails are distinguished by two colors : green or orange.

Sella ronda, DolomitesWe wound up passing through the sella ronda many times during our stay. It was an ideal way to pass through and explore other valleys, while then using the loop trail to get you back “home”.

And the sella ronda itself is wonderfully picturesque – it was fun to loop around the marathon-length trail with its stunning views onto the mountains.

Next time you’re in the Dolomites, don’t miss out on the sella ronda –  either as an independednt trail, or as a way to access the thousands of kilometers that await you in Alto Adige!

Happy skiing.

Sella ronda, Dolomites

Sella ronda, Dolomites

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