2017_january_newyearHow on earth does it happen each year? 2017 already!

To all you writers out there, now that the champagne bubbles have gone flat and the fireworks and holiday parties are only a faint memory, now’s the time to buckle down and start a new writing year with enthusiasm.

I know that I’m one of those who must start buckling down.

Sadly, I did little writing in 2016, although I did accomplish much editing I needed to complete.

Still, I’m happiest when I’m writing new material, and I have a dual story novel set in modern-day Rome and at the end of the 19th century that will be completed this year. See? I said it publicly. Now I have to hold myself to it. 🙂

I also want to write more short stories and edit the rather large collection I already have completed.

And you, writers? What are your writing goals for 2017? Do you generally set writing resolutions for yourself in the new year?

Wishing us all a happy and productive writing year in 2017!