2016_november_500My kids would be cruel and ask if this is how many candles I’ll be having on my birthday cake.

After all, when he was younger, my older son did actually ask me if I moved to Rome before or after they’d built the Coliseum. *Sigh*

But no, a big number like this does not scare me because it is neither my age, nor the number of years ago I settled in Rome, but the number of blog posts I’ve authored for my blog site since I started back in long-ago 2012.

Back then, I wanted to start a blog that combined my passions for reading and writing fiction and for travel, but I didn’t really have a real plan on how active I would be and how well it would work out.

And now, after having written over 500 posts, I can say the journey has been lots of fun. I’ve learned so much, met lots of fellow bloggers, writers, readers, and travelers…

Nice to sit back and celebrate my first 500 posts. After all, the Coliseum and I have been around for quite a while now, and we’re happy to stick around.