Holidays as creative writing time?

MaldivesI’m not sure how I feel about this.

Sometimes as I leave for holidays I have big plans for what I want to accomplish writing-wise. Other departures, I realize that there is very little point in hoping I’ll accomplish anything beyond normal vacation recharging.

This year I have writing goals, but I’m not sure how realistic they are. I’m pretty burned out and I’m counting on this holiday to revive me and bring me back to the land of the living. If I actually manage to squeeze in a few pages of writing, that can only be a plus, but I won’t beat myself up about it if I only accomplish that much.

How do you handle this, writers? Are holidays creative times for you? Do you set goals? Are you – ahem – flexible in those writing goals?

Wishing a wonderful August to all writers – whether you are actually writing or simply recharging for the productive autumn on the horizon! : )

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