National Short Story weekIt’s that time of year again.

16-22 November this year marks National Short Story Week. Readers, writers and listeners of short stories are asked to focus attention on this important literary form.

Take a look at the whole range of events and resources here.

For those of us who love short stories, we often have the impression that they’re the poor cousin of the novel. Even the talented Canadian short story author, Alice Munro, seems to have once had that impression. I remember reading an interview with her in which she said in the early years of her career she felt ‘guilty’ not being able to write a novel and concentrating only on short stories. Hard to believe someone who has so perfected her craft could ever feel like that.

So, for all you short story writers and readers out there, enjoy this week and take the time to curl up with a  good short story, or to try your hand at writing one yourself.

The American Lover - TremainFor my part in honoring short story week, I’m trying my hand at writing flash fiction – something new for me. I generally prefer the longer form of short stories, and I’m finding it a real challenge to edit down to the bare minimum.

I’ve also begun to read a collection from an author I’m reading for the first time – Rose Tremain. I’m enjoying her collection The American Lover, especially the title story.

Hope you are all able to mark next week in your own way. Happy National Short Story Week to all!