Core Attraction, Ashlinn CravenI’ve never been an appreciative romance novel reader.

Probably one of my problems with the genre is that the hurdles in place for the romantic couple always seem so flimsy, and I lose patience with the supposedly insurmountable obstacles dragged out painfully throughout an entire novel, with few other plot points of interest to grab my attention and relatively little character development.

But those have never been concerns for me in an Ashlinn Craven novel.

I met Ashlinn when we became critique partners – and she was working on this novel set in her native Ireland. A few years later, I’m thrilled to see Core Attraction in print, and I love the premise.

Declan is an oncologist and widower, who has returned to his native Ireland, but hasn’t recovered from the tragic loss of his wife in the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Moonlighting as an anti-nuclear protester, Declan believes his activism renders his loss less senseless.

Fiona is an attractive and ambitious public relations professional, whose job it is to assure the public that the local power plant is a respected pillar of the community. She’s so good at her job that she’s convinced she deserves an executive position with the company, and she’ll do anything to get it.

Events throw Declan and Fiona together, but as they discover more about one another, their antagonism begins to fade. Can two people on opposite sides of the nuclear debate move beyond their prejudices and fall in love?

Ashlinn’s an excellent writer, with well-developed and interesting characters often facing tough choices. This is a quickly-paced page-turner that has you rooting for Declan and Fiona in this enjoyable opposites attract tale.

If you read and enjoy Core Attraction (here’s the link to the Amazon page), you’re bound to like Ashlinn’s first novel, Maybe, Baby. Take a look at the author interview I did with Ashlinn for the release of her debut novel.

Congratulations, Ashlinn, on the launch of Core Attraction! Looking forward to your next work…