2012_April_pencilsExpat and former expat writers – mark your calendars.

The Writers Abroad group, after a year’s hiatus, is opening up for submissions in May from writers who are currently living outside of their country of origin, or have lived abroad as expats in the past.

Submissions are free, and authors can submit one from the following: short stories (up to 1700 words), flash fiction ( 500 words) or poetry (up to 20 lines). In honor of next year’s International Year of light, the theme of the submissions should be connected to light in some way.

The title of this year’s anthology is Kaleidoscope, and the money earned from sales of the anthology will be contributed to the charity Room to Read. Room to Read carries out the important work of distributing books and assisting with literacy training in Africa and Asia. As someone working in international development, I’ve seen firsthand how important access to books are for rural populations in developing countries, and I’m always eager to support causes carrying out this important work.

For full details and full guidelines, please see the Writers Abroad submissions page.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had two of my short stories accepted for past anthologies – Amica del cuore was published in Foreign & Far Away in 2013 and Missed Connections was part of the 2012 collection, Foreign Encounters. You can read them here.

So expat writers, what are you waiting for? Start writing and submit your short story or poetry   to Writers’ Abroad. Look forward to reading the final collection!