Short Story WeekThere’s a week each year in November when I happily become British.

That’s because the UK has a great tradition called National Short Story Week. As a reader and writer of short stories, I think we should all adopt this excellent effort and make it International Short Story Week.

This year’s celebration falls next week, more specifically 17-23 November 2014. Here’s the link, with lots of materials interesting to writers and readers and listeners of the short story. There are also author interviews, tips on how to publish short stories, and much more. Go explore!

The objective of Short Story Week is to focus attention on the short story. For many years, the short story seemed to be on the decline. But the digital revolution seems to be providing short stories with new life – they are popular with people reading on e-readers and there are lots of new digital literary journals publishing short stories.

So short story readers (and writers) today have more choices than ever.

On my site, I’ve published an author interview with friend and short story writer, Catherine McNamara . I’ve also announced a romance short story collection by author Melinda Dozier and other contributors. And I also announce when my own short stories are published in journals or anthologies. You can find a link to my short stories here.

And you, readers and writers? What do you think about short stories?

Happy Short Story Week everyone!