Digital PapercutI heard the nice news that two of my short stories have been accepted for publication in the online literary journal Digital Papercut.

I have been putting together a series of short  stories of Italian women and expatriate women living in Italy, which I would eventually like to compile in a  collection.

In the meantime, I’m trying to find ‘homes’ for them as individual stories. I’ve been lucky enough to place some of them in literary journals and in anthologies.

The two fiction pieces selected by  Digital Papercut both tell the stories of Italian women.

Abandoned Towers is the story of Serena, who fled her small town in Abruzzo years ago and has carved out a life for herself as a university professor in America. Years later, returning for the first time following the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake, Serena is forced to come to terms with decisions made long ago.

In Gender Equality, Francesca left her native Naples to work in an international  organization in Brussels. Recently promoted to a director position, Francesca feels the pressure of espousing progressive gender-sensitive policies in an organization that’s anything but progressive or gender-sensitive.

These stories will both be available electronically, so I’ll be sure to link in to them as soon as they’re on-line.