2014_September_rientroSeptember is well underway, and even if the weather is still beautiful in my part of the world, those crisp evenings provide us with a hint of what’s to come.

Summer is almost over.

The kids are back to school, and we’re back to work. Holidays are fading into pleasant, but distant memories.

This is what the Italians call ‘il rientro‘, the French ‘la rentrée‘. Does the term exist in other languages? I’ve never heard it in northern European languages, and ‘the return’ would be laughable in US English, since American holidays are so stingy.

But in cultures where long summer holidays are (thankfully!) the norm, getting back to the daily grind can be particularly painful. Newspapers and television news reports are filled with advice and warnings by psychiatrists about how to handle the depression that may follow the famous ‘return’ to real life.

Are writers prone to suffering from this, too?

I recently posted about how summer holidays are not always productive writing periods for me, although I do store up inspiration for the writing months ahead. But is jumping back into the writing routine as tough as returning to school, or the office?

What do you think, writers? Suffering from il rientro/la rentrée blues? Or happily creating away after a long summer hiatus? Here’s to wishing a productive writing autumn for all of us!