Leysin, SwitzerlandI clearly have Switzerland on my mind this summer.

That’s because I’ve been up bringing my older son to French camp and picking him up, and I’ve had time to explore the pretty region around Lake Geneva.

And this is the idyllic mountaintop community where he’s been spending his time – Leysin. In the winter, it’s a ski resort. In the summer, an ideal base for hiking.

My son fell in love with this beautiful mountain community during his time here – and who the heck can blame him?

Leysin, SwizerlandThe part of the Alps around Leysin is known as being one of the sunniest areas of the Swiss Alps.

He spent his time here learning French here in the mornings, and hiking, swimming, playing tennis, and rock-climbing in the afternoons. Not that I was jealous at all hearing all about this while I was sitting in my office… : )

With limited time and less than ideal hiking shoes, I took my son up the gondola instead of the same path he’d hiked with his friends.

Leysin, SwizerlandThe views over the mountains, neighboring France,the Rhone River, and Lake Geneva were impressive.

I’d love to get back for some wintertime skiing, but on that sunny day in July, I enjoyed my views over the mountains, and watching in awe as the mountain bikers hurtled down the steep slopes.

Talk about an idyllic Alpine get-away.

Leysin is easy to reach by car or public transport from Geneva.

Leysin, SwizerlandThere are  frequent trains from Geneva around Lake Geneva to the town of Aigle.

In that wine-producing town, you switch to the roller-coaster style mountain train up to Leysin (just over 1200 meters).

Winter or summer – you’re sure to enjoy your spectacular Alpine perch. I know my son can’t wait to get back.

Enjoy Leysin, and life in the relaxing and unhurried Swiss Alps.

Leysin, SwizerlandLeysin, Swizerland