Spectacular views over Geneva from the cathedral belltower

Geneva, SwitzerlandAs I’ve written in earlier posts about Geneva, this Swiss city has an enviable position along the beautiful Lake Geneva.

If you catch a clear, sunny day (not always a given in Geneva), head to the St Pierre Cathedral and climb up the bell tower’s narrow steps for gorgeous views over the city, the mountains beyond, and the sparkling blue water of Lake Geneva, and its impressive jet d’eau (water spout).

The St Pierre Cathedral is located in the heart of Geneva’s medieval center, and it offers stunning views of the twisting medieval streets and sharp rooftops.

Geneva, SwitzerlandSt Pierre itself was built between 1160 and 1230. Although primarily Gothic, St Pierre contains a  jumble of styles, including Romanesque features and an odd (and ugly, to my mind) Neoclassical entrance, which was an eighteenth century add-on.

In 1556, St Pierre became a Protestant cathedral, and, as was typical at the time, all Catholic ornamentation was removed. Only the lovely stained glass windows were spared.

Reformer John Calvin gave many sermons from this cathedral, and his chair is on display.

Geneva, SwitzerlandAfter visiting the cathedral, make your way to the bell tower, purchase your ticket and climb up the winding steps. After the stark interior of the church, the light, the blue sky and the deep blue of the lake are even more impressive.

It’s also a great place to get a layout of this wonderful walking city, and to decide where you’re headed next.

Enjoy the views from this stunning medieval perch on your next trip to Geneva.


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