Views from the medieval belltower, in Todi

San Fortunato bell tower, Todi / Kimberly Sullivan

I recently spent a lovely day in Todi, a picture-perfect medieval hill town in Italy’s region of Umbria. I have been numerous times, but it’s always fun to get back. On this visit, I climbed the San Fortunato belltower to enjoy stunning views from the top. And what a view it was! This is the…

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Enjoying views over Gdansk, Poland

Whenever I visit a new city, one of the first things I like to do is to get an idea of the layout from the highest point. In most European cities and towns, that means climbing the cathedral belltower. That’s why, on a recent visit to Gdansk, Poland, my family and I raced desperately against…

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Spectacular views over Geneva from the cathedral belltower

As I’ve written in earlier posts about Geneva, this Swiss city has an enviable position along the beautiful Lake Geneva. If you catch a clear, sunny day (not always a given in Geneva), head to the St Pierre Cathedral and climb up the bell tower’s narrow steps for gorgeous views over the city, the mountains beyond,…

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