Planten un Blomen, HamburgOn a recent trip to the city of Hamburg, a vibrant port city in northern Germany, we were lucky to be staying near the beautiful Planten un Blomen park (‘Plants and Flowers’ in the local dialect).

The 47-hectare park is a lovely green heart in a bustling city. Hamburg weather in the sprintime is-understandably-iffy at best. During our four-day April visit we were lucky enough to enjoy two days with blue skies and sunshine, and on one of those days we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to explore the pretty park.

The park is narrow, but long, and beautifully landscaped with streams, lakes and theme gardens.

Planten un Blomen, Hamburg
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There were also lots of comfortable chairs in landscaped corners of the park,  idyllic spots to relax with a  good book, watching the world pass by while holding the chaos and traffic of city life at a safe distance.

Our kids quickly discovered the playgrounds (at the southern entrance of the park)- a welcome respite from all the museums and sightseeing. There was also a large skating area for older kids and teens. Summertime schedules announced a series of concerts and events and organized activities for kids, unfortunately kicking off after our stay.

Its water-light performances are another highlight of the summer months.

Planten un Blomen, HamburgWe enjoyed visiting the wonderful greenhouses, opened in 1963 and maintained by the University of Hamburg.

I can imagine I’d be a frequent visitor here in the frigid winter months, with the greenhouses’ tropical ecosystems – trees, plants, cacti, and flowers from around the world. We happily shed layers as we worked away around these greenhouses.

Planten un Blomen, HamburgPlanten un Blomen also boasts an impressive Japanese garden – apparently the largest in Europe. It was a wonderful, peaceful place to relax and enjoy the Japanese sensibilities for harmonious nature, and impressive landscape architecture.

There’s even a Japanese tea house in the middle of the park.

So if your travel plans take you up to Hamburg and the sun is shining, be sure to set aside some time to explore the beautiful  Planten un Blomen Park.