Bali Bird Park, IndonesiaSince I travelled to Bali, Indonesia this past summer with two kids in tow, I needed to offer some incentives for visiting lots of Balinese temples and art museums.

I’ve already posted about our visit to the Bali Tree-Top adventure, a fabulous rope course in northern Bali. Another kid-friendly activity visited was the Bali Bird Park.

I’d argue that the Bali Bird Park – half-way between the capital, Denpasar, and Ubud – is well worth the trip if you’re with kids, but even if you’re not.

Bali Bird Park, Bali, IndonesiaIt’s a well-organized park, providing an overview of the incredible biodiversity that spans the Indonesian archipelago (the largest archipelago in the world, boasting over 13,000 islands and islets).

The bird park’s largest concentration is on the birds of Bali, but there are also impressive sections on the birds of other Indonesian islands.

Vampire bats, Bali Bird Park, Bali, IndonesiaThere was also a section where you can see the Indonesian ‘vampire’ bats.

Even though I’m generally not bothered by bats, these dog-sized bats with their enormous wing span sent shivers down my spine. I’d hate to run into these creatures alone in the woods at night.

My kids were super excited to see the Komodo dragon they have at the bird park – indigenous to Indonesia’s Komodo Island.

Kpmodo dragon, Bali Bird Park, Bali, IndonesiaThe Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard alive, and you certainly don’t want to cross him. If you want to see how he can attack and eat a water buffalo, take a look at this nature YouTube video here.

My sons are begging me to go to Komodo Island next time to see these lovely creatures in their natural element. Honestly? Seeing one at The Bird Park was enough for me. But there are plenty of non-Komodo-dragon-infested Indonesian islands I’d love to explore…

It wasn’t all terrifying, man-eating creatures, however. The Bali Bird Park is filled with colorful birds, some in cages, some flying free. There are films and feedings and educational talks. My children loved visiting the hatchery, where the woman working there explained how the birds hatch, how they keep them warm, how they feed chicks, and when they grow their feathers and learn to fly.

The Bali Bird Park is an easy trip from Ubud or the southern coastal region. It makes an enjoyable day trip, for kids and kids-at-heart alike.

Bali Bird Park, Bali, IndonesiaBali Bird Park, Bali, Indonesia