ZidleI’ve already written about how I sometimes dream, when I travel, of a room with a view  where I can take a little writing retreat.

When I visit these idyllic places, I am generally exploring with family or friends, and I don’t have the time – or desire – to seek out the solitude needed to write.

But I do often think about getting away alone and writing. Even a week or a long weekend would be heaven. I have so many new projects tumbling around in my mind, that a few days alone to get ideas down on paper might give me the kick start I need.

Being able to concentrate entire days on writing seems almost decadent. One day it will happen. For now, I’ll content myself with snatching time here and there, when I can manage.

And you, writers? Have you gone on writer’s retreats? Do you dream of your own room with a  view to work on your projects? Where would you go to write, if you could? Inspiration welcome!