Cafe de Turin, NiceNice is a wonderful city for visitors to southern France, offering beautiful architecture, art and an ideal position along the turquoise waters of the Riviera.

Nice is also – not surprisingly – a wonderful place to enjoy seafood. The Café de Turin  has been famous for serving up seafood to visitors and residents alike since 1908. It sits just at the edge of Vieux Nice, on Place Garibaldi (incidentally, Giuseppe Garibaldi, who led the Risorgimento movement that unified Italy in 1861, was born in Nice).

Judging from old photos, the Café de Turin looks pretty much as it must have looked when it opened one hundred years ago.

Cafe de Turin, Nice, seafood plattersThis is a great place to eat the fruits de mer platters, a specialty of the Café de Turin. You can find various options and sizes for your seafood platters – filled with oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, prawns, crab, crayfish and periwinkles. There’s a full wine list to perfectly accompany your seafood feast.

It may be difficult, but try to leave  a little a space for dessert. We managed to try the tarte tatin and the chocolate mousse. Both were excellent.  Bon appétit on your next visit to Nice’s Café de Turin!

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