Vienna’s Palmenhaus

Right in Vienna’s Burggarten, just between the Opera house and the Hofburg, is the stunning art deco Palmenhaus, a 19th century imperial greenhouse, which is now an ideal place to sit and relax while sipping a coffee or a glass of wine.

Vienna’s Palmenhaus was originally built in 1822 as a greenhouse for the Hofburg palace gardens. It was constructed in Vienna’s famous Jugendstil (art deco) style.

Having fallen into disrepair, the Palmenhaus was closed to the public in 1988.

After a complete renovation, it was opened once again in 1998. The Palmenhaus today hosts a restaurant , serving lunch and dinner, and a bar.

It’s a wonderful place to sit and relax on a visit to Vienna. Opening times vary by day and by season, so check first on its web site. In general, the Palmenhaus opens between 10-11:30 am and remains open until midnight- 2 am.

The Palmenhaus also houses the Imperial Butterfly House. We didn’t manage to see the butterflies on our last visit to Vienna, but it’s high on our list for next time. Check seasonal opening hours on the web site.

When in Vienna, be sure to also visit the city’s plague art and to see a performance of the Lipizzaner horses.


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