Okay, so we all know an aspiring author must develop a thick skin. Critique groups dish out criticism, so do our beta readers.

And on top of that, we’re probably our own worst critics.

We’ve all sent out work that we’ve slaved over, but that just doesn’t wow an agent or editor and we have to learn to face rejection.

But rejection as inspiring? Umm… really?

Over at the fantastic Women’s Fiction Writers site , this is exactly what short story writer Tamra Wilson claims in her post about short story writing and How 64 Rejections Can be Inspiring.

Since I’m preparing myself for the querying stage for my manuscript, I was very interested in reading this post. As part of this interview, Tamra explains her tenacity in continuing to query a short story she believed in, even as the rejection slips piled up… and up… and up.

What I liked is how she saw the whole process of querying and subsequent rejection as a game, and was thrilled when her story was finally accepted at query #65.

Hmmm… not really sure I’m buying the whole rejection-as-a-motivational-tool premise, but I’m happy to be proven wrong. I’m filing this one away and something tells me I’ll be returning to these inspirational words once I start the querying stage.

And you, writers? As I’m gathering ammunition here to help myself out down the line… what are your experiences with rejection? Are you able to view it as a game and just keep plugging away? Or is it hard to be that philosophical about it as your rejection folder grows ever larger?